O1. Collection of practical needs, tools, materials and recommendations to arrange professional learning processes to improve education for sustainability in the fields of:

  • A: Home economics ( Kitchen management – Food preparation and Food security; Laundry care – Textile care; Furnish management – Room design; Home appliances – House technics; Services for household members and guests )
  • B: Sustainable resource management (Workers and Workers Capacities work-life balance, Natural resource obtainment, Energy saving, Recycling, Waste prevention and waste treatment)
  • C: Methods training – Improvement of sustainable measures (Lesson planning, Learning materials, Business-orientated project work )


English version of Collection:


German version of Collection:

Danish version of Collection:

Latvian version of Collection:


Finnish version of Collection:





O2. Prototype transnational curriculum for a blended-learning course (10 ECVET/ECTS) which will include 4 Modules:

  • Module 1: Focus on sustainability – C1
  • Module 2: Education for sustainability
  • Module 3: Teaching for sustainability
  • Module 4: Evaluation of education for sustainability – C2


O3. Blended-learning course and it´s pilot run (inclusive improvement)

Beside the story boards of the online-course will include instructions for moderators, trainers and teachers.


O4. Handbook with best-practice examples for lesson concepts to motivate pupils for learning sustainability and implement sustainable measures in local households, guest-orientated businesses and communities

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