Rising greenhouse gas emissions, the wasteful use of fossil fuels and the resulting impact on our climate have repercussions for the entire planet. In order to mitigate the impact of climate change, both the implementation of local initiatives and global projects will be of prime importance.

In this regard, previous needs analyses have shown that private households, commercial kitchens, guest-orientated businesses and communities not only have a great demand for environmental measures but also a great potential for the implementation of sustainable schemes for the protection of their local environment. These professional fields have also a great impact on social and economic improvements for employees and staff members. The needs analyses and surveys in project partner countries have shown that vocational educators and trainers are insufficient trained for a successful education on sustainability and it´s measures.

So the target group of our project are vocational educators and trainers in the fields of home economics and guest-orientated businesses.

Research findings demonstrate that there is a broad range of project results and materials in the area of sustainability, but teachers are often not able to use these results in a successful learning activity. Also in this education areas blended-learning activities are not frequently offered. The project will provide a chance for vocational teachers and trainers to participate in extra-occupational (apprenticeship) training and learn to use sources of sustainability and digital learning tools to provide a successful and sustainable teaching.

Previous projects:

UN „Roadmap for Implementing the Global Action Programme on Eduvation for Sustainable Development“
UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014


EuKoNa: „Europäische Kompetenzentwicklung zum nachhaltigen Wirtschaften“ 2007-2009;
Development and test of curricula and teaching materials relating to sustainable vocational training.


PERL: „Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living“
Project participants creating teaching methods and materials to become a „critical consumer“

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