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Green skills and innovation for inclusive growth

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The second ‘green skills’ forum organised by Cedefop and the OECD-LEED in February 2014 provided an open space for discussion between researchers, policy-makers, social partners and international organisations on skills development and training needs for a greener economy. The focus of this second staging of the event was ‘green skills and innovation for inclusive employment growth’. The discussions were aimed at identifying obstacles and challenges lying ahead for the development of skills, education and training policies suitable to address the transition to greener and job-rich growth: to set out strategies, initiatives and policy approaches tackling key skills issues for green growth; compare methods and tools used in monitoring and evaluating developments in labour markets; indicate how research can support better targeted policy-making and skills strategies; and identify gaps in knowledge and provide guidance for future research and collaboration for transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

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Key competences in VET

Key competences in vocational education and training – Germany

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Vocational education in Europe

Cedefop is the EU organisation concerned with research and reporting on vocational training in the EU.

Teachers and trainers working in vocational education and training (VET) are key actors to ensure its quality and relevance to today’s demands. They play an essential role in the implementation of reforms that have been part of the EU and national agendas. Cedefop supports the development of EU policies that affect teachers and trainers through targeted activities and as a transversal topic in other related projects, such as learning outcomes, renewal of VET curricula and early leaving from education and training; work-based learning and apprenticeships.