Laurea is a research and development-oriented University of Applied Sciences focused on service innovations, which produces high-quality professional competence. It is the third largest UAS in Finland with more than 7 800 students. Laurea’s campuses are located around Finland’s capital Helsinki in Uusimaa region. Laurea was appointed as a centre of excellence in regional development for 2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2010-2012, and as a centre of excellence in education for 2005-2006. Its specific task is to foster the international competitiveness and regional development of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Laurea’s award winning pedagogical innovation, the Learning by Developing (LbD) model, combines the three main tasks of Universities of Applied Sciences: professional education (learning), applied research and regional development (developing). Laurea has a strong track record in both EU and national funded projects. Its focus areas of Service Business Innovation and Design, Expertise in nursing and coping at home and Security and Social responsibility provide a platform for research, co-designing, testing, assessing, modelling, implementing and distributing various service innovations.  At the Leppävaara campus it is possible to complete bachelor’s degrees in five different programmes including  Degree Programme in Restaurant Entrepreneurship  and Degree Programme in Hospitality Management. Hospitality management is part of a fragmented ‘experience economy’. It embodies and spreads tourism and food cultures, customs and popular culture. The customers of the future will form an increasingly varied and diversified consumer group. Currently, for example, there is demand for environmental, health and safety-related products and services. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has conducted an audit of Laurea and has awarded it a quality label for six years from August 2016.

How Laurea is involved to the project

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland, is a leading partner of ProfESus Intellectual Output number 3, i.e. IO3 Blended-learning course and pilot run. It will coordinate the development of ProfESus online course between the summers 2017-2018 combined with two face-to-face pilots; one in Finland in February 2018 and one in Austria in June 2018. Participants will be vocational educators and trainers in the fields of home economics and guest-orientated businesses. In addition, Laurea will host one international two-day project meeting in Finland in January 2018 together with a multiplier event work-titled as “Experts conference for securing the quality of curriculum, course and dissemination”. Furthermore Laurea will contribute to all other project IOs and planned project meetings as well.

Contact information

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