IFHE – international

The International Federation for Home Economics is the only worldwide organisation concerned with Home Economics and Consumer Studies. It was founded in 1908 to serve as a platform for international exchange within the field of Home Economics.
IFHE is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO), having consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC, FAO, UNESCO, UNICEF) and with the Council of Europe.

Objectives of the Federation
Promotion of science, education, research and communication within the field of Home Economics;
Promotion and support of scientific cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of Home Economics;
Development, implementation and assessment of education programmes and projects in the field of Home Economics worldwide;
Promotion of education for families and households at all age levels both in formal and informal settings, including discussion forums and seminars.

Activities of the Federation
a)    exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of Home Economics through:

  • Research and Programme Committees in the different fields of Home Economics;
  • IFHE World Congress as well as International Conferences and Symposia;
  • Online source centre for IFHE Members;
  • Publishing the International Journal of Home Economics (E-Journal);
  • Conducting international research projects;

b)    education programmes and projects worldwide:

  • Development of curricula and education material;
  • Conducting and funding of education projects;
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of Home Economics education

Organisation of the Federation
IFHE has 1050 individual members and 80 organisational members. IFHE is represented in 68 countries in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Pacific. In Europe IFHE is represented in 19 European countries.


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