Latvia University of Agriculture

The Latvia University of Agriculture is a higher education and science establishment of the Republic of Latvia, where scientific research as well as academic and professional study programmes are carried out. The main goal of the University is to create intellectual potential for providing sustainable development of Latvia and its countryside in particular while becoming and up-to date, internationally recognized and prestigious university, which actively integrates into the united European space of higher education and science. LLU is experienced in the use of information technologies and the creation of high-quality curricula and courses. In addition to these fields, they also have expertise regarding hospitality management and cleaning technologies, which will be significant points of emphasis within the framework of the ProfESus Project.

Latvia University of Agriculture

Address: 2 Liela Street, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia
Telephone: +371 630 22584
Fax: +371 630 27238

E-mail for electronically signed documents:

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