Dear interested Reader

143 participants from 23 countries all over the world visited our European Education Conference and closing event of the ProfESus project with the title “Education 4.0 – Promoting sustainable development through innovative teaching” and discussed what Future Education should look like. I want to say thank you to the whole ProfESus-Team for everyone’s commitment, the inspiring discussions and the great support, to reach our project aims successfully. Also to the European Commission and the Programme Erasmus+, with the cooperative team in different European countries we want to say thank you for financial and consulting support. With this last ProfESus-Newsletter we will give you the possibility to get an insight in our International Education Conference and we want to surprise you with our great ProfESus outcomes which are available as open source materials and free to use for everyone. We hope our project results will inspire you.

Download ProfESus Newsletter 4 (Jan. 2019)