Multiplier Event Germany, Bonn - 2017

Context of the Multiplier event

The first Multiplier Event was measured against the following objectives:

  • Implemented project and practice oriented learning to improve sustainable behavior in Home Economics profession and guest-orientated businesses.
  • Improved access to education for project and practice related education to improve sustainable behavior in profession and daily life for pupils, trainees and unskilled employees through teachers and multipliers.
  • Developed innovative ICT-based content, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning to react on changing challenges at work.

The Aims of the European Workshop were:

  • Understand the significance of sustainable consumption and production for sustainable development.
  • Get to know innovative approaches of “Green Pedagogy” for education for sustainable development.
  • Determine the challenges for education, which leads to transformation in the area sustainable consumption and production.
  • Develop the demands for curriculum and methods for an innovative teacher training
  • Create criteria for measuring successful blended learning teacher trainings.

From the Newsletter, September 2017

The Project Team conducted workshops to involve multipliers and experts from different professional perspectives with their valuable expertise. At the first Multiplier event in Germany the significance and current approaches of education for sustainable consumption and production were discussed intensively. Prof. Dr. Gregor Torkar, University Ljubljana, Pedagogy Faculty, PERL presented an inspiring keynote. The relevant criteria for successful online learning courses were introduced by Prof. Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Prof. for Educational Management and Lifelong Learning, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany. The different concepts of sustainability were presented by Dr. Sylvia Lorek, SERI Germany.