Module 2



Module 2 includes seven different units: Sustainable pedagogies where you work on how could a different approach help to uncover and embed sustainable work practices in your vocational students? One unit with exploring tools where we will look at: "Why sustainability pedagogy needs to be transformational and perhaps even transgressional?"

Learning about future thinking: an important part of sustainability is about equity across time and between generations. Additional you will learn about different ways of thinking: systems thinking, strategic thinking and values thinking, which are an important business skill and can be used to promote sustainability.

 Each unit starts with an invitation for you to browse the main and additional resources that are relevant to the unit. The main activities in each unit are three challenges. Challenge 1 is always something about moving yourself forward either professionally or personally. Challenge 2 is about focusing on the classroom and your students. And the third challenge always relates to a case study. The units are rounded off with an invitation for you to add to your learning diary and a checklist to note what you have achieved.

Information and Materials

• Unit 2.1: Pedagogy for Sustainability

• Unit 2.2: Tools for sustainability

• Unit 2.3: Futures thinking

• Unit 2.4: Systems thinking

• Unit 2.5: Strategic thinking

• Unit 2.6: Values thinking

• Unit 2.7: Collaboration